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Seeds sown today turn into hope for tomorrow

Our Mission

Ukraine Alive was mobilised as a grassroots initiative to provide immediate relief to the citizens of Ukraine who have been directly affected by war. With the help of generous volunteers, Ukraine Alive focuses on providing refugee families with food, shelter, and transportation while connecting them to international volunteers who offer long-term settlement assistance. Our initiative transcends borders, connecting volunteers in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany and Switzerland. As the conflict in Ukraine develops we adjust our efforts to meet the necessities of those in need, continuously building our trusted and secure networks in order to immediately facilitate relief. 



The UkraineAlive Foundation continues to provide assistance to Ukrainians. Our latest initiative focuses on families within Ukraine who were forced to leave their homes and families affected by the military conflict. To receive aid, the Family must be an IDP or registered in war-affected territory. Families are able to contact us and we arrange to send them a package of necessities and food to last them month. We also offer a special package for Families with small children. Right now, like never before, it’s vital to continue supporting Ukrainians in this difficult time, and we are doing whatever is possible to continue providing help.


Ukraine Alive together with Ski Club School has organized a rehabilitation Forest Camp for Ukrainian children who suffered from the war and were forced to move from their homes. The children have come from all over Ukraine, with the main focus on southern areas. Aside from normal Camp activities, the children have daily sessions with an in-house psychologist to help them process the world as it is today.


Around 60 displaced families with their 120 children currently live in the village of Verkhovyna, western Ukraine. In addition, there are further 600-800 children displaced in the surrounding villages. To help celebrate International Children’s Day in June, we supplied sweets and candies for over 200 children. They were so happy, and it made our work worthwhile. Big thanks to Mama's Heart Verkhovina for organizing the event.


Ukraine Alive, together with volunteers from Mama's Heart Verkhovina, distributed over 150 food and sanitary parcels to temporarily displaced families from Mykolaiv, Bashtanka, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Malynivka, Donetsk region, Dniprovsk region, Zaporizhzhya region. We receive requests directly from families all over Ukraine and send aid via Nova Poshta (Ukrainian postal network).


Many Ukrainians that ended up in Moldova were unable to continue their journey to Europe because they couldn't afford to buy bus tickets. Ukraine Alive offered these families the opportunity to purchase tickets free of charge at bus route providers that run such trips once a week. Our families travelled safely and in comfort to reach their destinations in Germany. We sent our final bus at the end of June. During the 3 months that we ran this initiative, we transported over 100 families, with 129 women and 105 children.

We are here to help

We activate your funds in 24 hours. You will see frequent feedback on our Instagram page about how your financial help is being utilised.

Bank Transfer

Ukraine Alive
c/o Roksana Fasovska

Zürcher Kantonalbank

CH44 0070 0114 8059 4765 7


TWINT coming soon


We have created a fund raising page on Gofundme where you can use your credit card to quickly transfer funds, as much as you can, to help with our efforts on the ground.

Transparent accounting

We constantly track our donations and expenditure, allowing our donors in real-time to see the latest information about our expenses and see how we are utilizing the funds granted to us. 


It’s important for us and our donors to receive feedback from the families we manage to help. Here are just some of the examples of hundreds of messages we have accumulated over the year. We are so grateful to all the families for sending their individual words of gratitude.

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