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Our Mission

Ukraine Alive was mobilised as a grassroots initiative to provide immediate relief to the citizens of Ukraine who have been directly affected by war. With the help of generous volunteers, Ukraine Alive focuses on providing refugee families with food, shelter, and transportation while connecting them to international volunteers who offer long-term settlement assistance. Our initiative transcends borders, connecting volunteers in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany and Switzerland. As the conflict in Ukraine develops we adjust our efforts to meet the necessities of those in need, continuously building our trusted and secure networks in order to immediately facilitate relief. 


Bus trips from Moldova to Germany

Many Ukrainians that end up in Moldova are unable to continue their journey to Europe because they can't afford to buy bus tickets. Ukraine Alive offers these families the opportunity to purchase tickets free of charge at bus route providers that run such trips once a week. Our families travel safely and in comfort to reach their destinations in Germany. We are currently running this initiative once a week, transporting 10-20 people at a time.   

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Aid to Children’s Hospice in Kharkiv

Together with the local volunteers based in Ukraine, we were able to deliver the required medicine, food and hygiene items for the Children’s Hospice in Kharkiv. With our targeted efforts, the aid reached the Hospice within a week, ensuring that the 31 children which are residing there have access to key life-saving medicine, as well as food. We need assistance from other organisations and donors to continue these types of targeted efforts in the future.  

Food at the border

As Ukrainians fled the war zones,  we focused our efforts on the overlooked hot spots of Ukrainians crossing the Northern border with Moldova onto Romania and neighbouring countries. We aimed to provide food for all those that needed it, as they travelled on-route to their destination. This effort was organised by local volunteers on the ground, supported by the local government and the donations made to Ukraine Alive. During the peak of Ukrainians fleeing via the Northern Moldova border, we managed to feed thousands on-route, at the border crossings. 

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Temporary shelter

Many Ukrainian women and children, as they reached the Northern border with Moldova were exhausted. Most couldn't afford hotel accommodation. As a result, together with the local government and local volunteers, we organised temporary shelter for 149 women and children in various accommodation centres and offered food and essentials such as hygiene items and bedding.  


Although some Ukrainians are able to flee in their own cars, many are less fortunate. We helped finance transportation to move over 400 Ukrainians from the Northern border of Moldava onto other European destinations where they can settle temporarily.

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